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A Whole Health Approach to Treatment

Your overall wellbeing and lifestyle impacts your ability to conceive. In addition to our team’s prescribed medical treatments, you may consider additional therapies which can help improve your treatment success.

Caring for your psychological needs and overall mental health is as important to your success as your physical well-being. Our network of affiliated professionals can help you navigate this emotionally complex experience and help you make informed decisions with regards to your emotional well-being.

Dr. Jean Pereira


Meetings with Mr. Pereira are presently done in his private office (outside the Clinic) located at: 976 Champlain St, suite 102, Dieppe, E1A 1P8

Your fertility situation may lead our team to recommend that you consult a urologist, who specializes in treating patients' urinary systems (kidney, bladders, urinary tracts) as well as male reproductive organs in general. A consultation in urology may be an important step in better understanding the fertility challenges that you face, and prescribe the treatment plan best adapted to your situation.

Dr. Guy Breault

Urologist (Affiliate)

Conceptia works with affiliated urologist, Dr. Guy Breault, for patients to consult for testing and certain additional procedures.

Contact us if you’re interested in a urology consult.

FMC Greater Moncton Infertility Support Group

A support group has been created to provide a safe and intimate space for all individuals and couples experiencing fertility challenges, and embarking on their fertility journey. The FMC Greater Moncton Infertility Support Group, which is professionally led by a Naturopathic Doctor, Jodie Tatlock, will allow you if you so wish to share your experience and feelings during this emotional time. The support group typically meets once a month at Conceptia, although independently from the clinic.

If you wish to obtain more information about the support group, please write to fertilitymattersmoncton@gmail.com.

FMC Atlantic Provinces Online Support Group

Fertility Matters Canada has put in place an online support group for individuals and couples experiencing fertility challenges across the Atlantic provinces. The support group offers a safe and inclusive space to get more information and share your feelings and experience.

You can find more information on the Fertility Matters website, or by writing to info@fertilitymatters.ca.

Many factors can have an important impact on your body’s natural fertility. While some are determined by genetics, others are dependent on your environment or lifestyle. You can maximize your treatment's chances of success by working on the factors you can impact directly, including eating well, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.


Weight can have an important impact on your fertility. Patients that are underweight or overweight can present signs of hormonal imbalance, and their weight can hinder ovulation. Studies also show that fertility treatment success rates are lower in patients with insulin resistance, which can happen for patients with a high body mass index (BMI). Male patients who are overweight experience lower testosterone and sperm production, which can also affect their fertility.


Studies have shown that the most effective diet to balance your hormones, optimize your chances of conceiving and attain your ideal weight is a low-sugar, whole foods, Mediterranean-style diet. This is especially true if you have high insulin levels, or experience ovulation problems including PCOS.

Your Conceptia teams will make nutrition and weight recommendations during your consultations to accompany you on this aspect of your fertility journey.

Many other lifestyle choices can also impact fertility and pregnancy. We have listed some below that help you all along your fertility journey.


Some studies have pointed to an increased risk of pregnancy loss for females with excessive caffeine consumption, and some therefore recommend limiting your intake to 1-2 daily cups.


Eggs and sperms are negatively affected by both smoking and secondhand smoke. Smoking impacts fertility negatively in other ways, including increasing the risk of pregnancy loss, ectopic pregnancy, and, according to some studies, almost doubling the risk of infertility.


It is important to note that alcohol consumption should be limited for both males and females on their fertility journey. Alcohol can lead to hormonal and ovulation abnormalities, and reduce your chances of getting pregnant. While recommendations vary on the safe level of consumption, it is generally prescribed to limit intake to 2 weekly drinks for females, and 4 weekly drinks for males.


The use of recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine can have an adverse effect on fertility. Some prescription medication, including chemotherapy drugs and steroids, can also have a negative impact on the fertility of both male and female patients.


Proper sperm production seems to be negatively affected by any increase in heat around the testicles and scrotum. This can include, for instance, hot baths, saunas, cycling and long-distance driving.


It is recommended to have intercourse two to four times per week on average, which can help keep sperm count high and increase the chances of conceiving. If you use lubricant, be aware that those containing petroleum jelly or vaseline can be toxic to sperm.


The risk of certain birth defects can be significantly lowered by the intake of a multivitamin. For females, these should include folic acid, while for males they should contain zinc. Patients are also recommended to intake Vitamin C, Vitamin E, selenium, and L-Carnitine.


We strongly encourage you to discuss all medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, with your physician and Conceptia team, as some may be linked to fertility challenges.

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One of the most impactful things you can do to help with your fertility treatments is to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle.

This includes regular exercise, a well-balanced diet and optimal weight, as well as reducing your stress, avoiding smoking (including secondhand smoking), drugs, and excessive alcohol.

At Conceptia, we want to accompany you in all aspects of your fertility journey. Our teams are here to provide support, information and resources should you have any questions.

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