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To give us the opportunity to address the needs of your patient in a timely manner and accelerate their fertility journey, we recommend that you refer them to Conceptia as early as you can, using our quick and easy process.

Out-of-province patients

Conceptia is happy to welcome patients coming from other provinces and countries (provided they have met the criteria listed below). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing difficulties or have questions about referring one of your patients.

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Criteria for referrals

In order for your patient to book their initial consultation, the following criteria must be met:

  • All female clients must be referred.

  • Male client must be referred if they want to consult for fertility preservation services, or are part of a same sex couple beginning their fertility journey. It is recommended that patients that are followed by a urologist be referred.

  • For same-sex couples, both partners need to be referred.

  • Finally, referred patients must be in possession of a valid Canadian health card.

To refer a patient, you must complete the referral form.

You can either fax (506-862-7571) a printable version of the form to us or complete the online form below.

Referring Form

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Please note, the online referral form is for physicians only.

If you are looking to become a patient, please download the print form above to be filled out by your physician and faxed to us at (506)-862-7571.