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Depending on your specific situation and needs, your Conceptia team may recommend various enhancements to your fertility treatments. These innovative reproductive technologies are based on studies and evidence, and allow us to maximize your chance at a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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Endometrial Receptivity Analysis, or ERA, can help identify the ideal time in which a female is most receptive to embryo implantation (endometrial receptivity). This cutting-edge technique is performed on patients who have experienced multiple embryo implantation failures. This is a sign of desynchronization between the female’s endometrial receptivity and the embryo’s readiness to be implanted.

ERA consists in the analysis of the female patient’s endometrial cells, to determine their receptiveness at the moment of the collection. This test allows your physician to recommend a personalized embryo transfer protocol and timing to ensure maximal endometrial receptivity and increase your chances of conception.