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As every patient journey is different and your treatment plan will be adapted to your specific needs, several factors will impact the cost, and we recommend that you consider the information below before starting your fertility journey. Your Conceptia team is here to review any questions you may have about coverage or financing opportunities.


your needs

Your first visit at Conceptia is critical in getting more information about treatment options and assessments needed to help you conceive. Our team can help answer any questions you may have to help you make an informed financial decision regarding your fertility journey.

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Every journey

is unique

At Conceptia, our approach is grounded in best understanding your situation in order to recommend a treatment path suited to your specific needs. As such, cost will vary: some patients may need medication (for instance those suffering from PCOS), while others may require small surgeries or longer treatments.

Fertility drugs: insurance and access

If your situation requires fertility drugs, we recommend that you get in contact with your insurance company to learn how your insurance plan may cover them: range of fertility drugs covered, percentage of coverage, maximum coverage per year or lifetime, etc. To get precise answers, we suggest that you transmit to your insurance company the Drug Information Numbers (DINs) of all drugs that have been recommended by our team.

The Conceptia team will send your prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice. However, please be aware that fertility drugs are not always kept in stock in all pharmacies, and that not getting access to your medication on time may affect the success of your treatment.

For your information, the Jean Coutu pharmacy on St-George Street (T: (506) 853-1600) is known to keep a big inventory of fertility drugs, and may be a good solution for patients residing within the Moncton area.

Available funds and tax credit

A special assistance fund has been created, and is available to full-time residents of New Brunswick with a valid Medicare card and a physician’s diagnosis of a fertility problem. The fund will provide a one-time grant to help alleviate the financial costs associated with fertility treatment. The fund allows individuals to claim up to 50% of eligible incurred costs of in vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination procedures, as well as related pharmaceutical products, up to a maximum of $5,000.

You can find more information on the Service New Brunswick website, including some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), as well as the Government of New Brunswick website. You can download the application form, and get in contact with the government Financial Services at 1-844-443-3172.

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