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DrRobichaud_welcomeThe team at the CONCEPTIA Clinic is composed of health professionals under the general direction of our fertility specialist, Dr. Alfred Robichaud.


Welcome to Conceptia's Web site.

Conceiving a child is a common goal for most people today. Since 1988, I have dedicated a part of my practice to help with what nature doesn't always allow easily. At Conceptia, I am surrounded by a group of very dedicated professionals working together to help you achieve a pregnancy and become parent(s). We will also take into consideration that each and every one of you has a different fertility health history and we will adapt our protocols to your needs.

Alfred Robichaud, MD



The medical team of fertility specialists:
Alfred Robichaud, M.D., FRCS(c), Gynaecologist


Tao Tao, Ph.D., Senior Embryologist/Laboratory Director


Nursing Team

Administrative Team

Associate: Jean Pereira, Psychologist