Psychological and Emotional Aspects Print E-mail

couple_peacefulThe team at CONCEPTIA will do its utmost to help you conceive a child. However, even with all the best intentions, you and/or your partner might need support from an outside source to help you overcome the challenges and hurdles that may arise during the course of your fertility treatment.


The personnel at CONCEPTIA has been working closely and for a long time with this psychologist who will guide your reflections and will assist you in order to make an informed decision regarding the different treatment options (or alternatives).

You might have to make difficult decisions and choices throughout the process of your procedure. What you decide can have an impact not only on you (and your spouse or partner), but also on any children born as a result of your decisions. Mr Jean Pereira knows a lot about dilemma and difficulties related to the infertility. He will be there to accompany you and to help you make informed and rational decisions.

AHR procedures can also have social, emotional, short and long term psychological impact on you, especially if you are thinking about using an egg or sperm Donor, or a Surrogate mother.

The goals of counseling are:

  • to help you make informed choices and to provide you with support; it does not imply that you have mental health problems.
  • to use an objective process to allow you to explore your feelings, values and options; it doesn’t tell you what to do.
  • a non-judgmental process designed to benefit you; it is not a screening test to decide who might be good parents